Signs Of A Bad Showing

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Signs Of A Bad Showing

There are certain things that will put off buyers from a property.

Strong Odors

Strong offensive odors are a huge turnoff for buyers. These smells can range from cooking odors, to cat urine, to cigarettes. To rid your house of smells may not be easy. Sometimes it will be enough to change out the carpeting and to wash the walls. But sometimes it'll need to go as far as painting the walls and ceilings with odor-blocking paint.


It is not always easy to have a dog jumping up on people when the buyers or the buyers agent may not like dogs. Or it can also be a huge distraction if they are kenneled and barking like crazy. If they are quiet dogs, kenneling them might be fine. If they are very tame and just lay around, it may be ok for them to be out and about. But keep in mind that some small kids may get scared of a large dog that is not kenneled. Cats are usually much less of a problem, except when it comes to the litter box. Be sure to keep the litter box very clean so that the urine smell doesn't emanate throughout the house.


Messy homes are a turnoff for buyers. Don't leave cash and personal information (bills and other documents) out for anyone to see.


Homeowners should be out of the home when a viewing event is taking place, as buyers may not feel freee to speak their mind when the homeowner is present.

Alarm Systems

These should always be turned off, and have the chimes off as well. That way nobody thinks there is an alarm system going off.

Inability to easily turn on lights

Make sure all lights are functioning.



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