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What Is Staging?

Staging is an important step that many homeowners skip. The reason that staging is important is two-fold. 

First of all, living in a home and selling a home are two very different things. We would like to showcase your home in the best possible light so that a buyer can perceive themselves living in your house. That is what a good stager does. They dress up the home so that the buyer feels like they can see themselves living there.

Secondly, staging a home sets the foundation for the marketing plan. Excellent photos of a disorganized mess, is still just a disorganized mess. Staging can accentuate the essential details of your home, and allow for the photography to shine. I always prefer to have homes professionally staged to show your home in the best possible manner.

A professional stager will help you with:

Clutter control


Suggestions on paint color

Suggestions on accessories

Regrouping furniture to accentuate the space

Make suggestions on lighting changes

Variations on wall hangings

Create a sense of balance

Creating a sense of belonging


What We Offer

We utilize the skills of photographers, videographers, interior designers, copywriters and other professionals to capture the essence of your property.



We would love to help you get the most out of your property.

Should you be thinking of selling, or would simply like an update of where your property sits in today's market, book a non-obligatory discussion with one of our TemasekClass consultants.