How To Sell Your House

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6 Tips On How To Get The Best Price For Your Home

1) Choose The Right Estate Professional

Ask at least three professionals to assess your home and show you some comparable research data. Speak to some of their past clients, or do your own mystery shopping and view the properties they sell. Ensure your potential agent has an easily navigated website and utilize property portals to market your home.

2) Insist On A Top-notch Brochure

Insist on a brouchure for your home. The sales details should include at least a description of each room and a review of the neighborhood. These brochures should be ready before the first person views your property.

3) Consider An Open House

Ask your real estate professional to give an open house for buyers to view your home. Personal invitations will make those attending feel special. An open house creates a buzz, and possibly encourages higher and earlier offers. Make sure your real estate professional can supervise the viewing, be flexible about timing, and it is best to be absent when the open house is taking place.

4) Great photography

High-quality color shots of your home and garden are a must. Your real estate professional should have a professional photographer to take professional shots of your property.

5) Get Your House Shipshape

Complete any outstanding DIY jobs, and ensure the paintwork is perfect before the home is photographed. Maintenance is high on a buyer’s agenda and buyers take comfort in seeing a house that is ready to move into. Storage is a big factor in people’s ability to see themselves in your home. Think about hiring a 'storage box’ for putting unnecessary furniture or clothes. Anything which helps buyers to ignore the numerous distractions and make an offer must be worth it.

6) Organize Yourself

Instruct a conveyancing solicitor to act for you, so a deal moves as quickly as possible. And arrange your new mortgage if you need one for your next purchase. Delays allow buyers to get cold feet or spot more properties. Don’t give them an excuse to back out.


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