Property Sales Hacks To Increase Conversion

Proficient in selling property doesn’t come innately. If you’re not getting enough sales. Don’t be discouraged. Like most things, sales skills can be learned. In fact, taking actionable, targeted steps towards improving your sales strategy is the best way to smash those quotas.

Set Sales Expectations And Go With The Flow

Setting expectations by educating prospects about the property process is the first and foremost thing you need to do. You may have separate publications for buyers and sellers. For instance, you may state clearly in the publications about suggesting sellers how, in the beginning, they’ll be hearing from you frequently as you’re getting the house listed and the marketing underway. But once their house is under contract, they probably won’t hear from you quite as often and that doesn’t mean anything bad to happen.

From the prospect’s perspective, it’s not only knowing what to expect, it’s trusting that you, as their property agent, will be there to guide them through this journey with honesty and expertise.

Of course, you can’t just distribute to them and ask them to read by themselves.

You need to point things out, briefing them on what you will do for the next 24 hours. Frankly, It’s great when the aim is to serve your prospect, but it’s also important to cover your you-know-what.

Treat Your Prospects Like Your Friends

Treat your prospects like your friends, get to know them personally, their lifestyle, what they like to do and meet any friends or family members that may be involved in the transactions. People love shopping with friends, so make them your short-term friends. “Property agents need to bear in mind that prospects are people and not a transaction,” said Beato.

Prospects are happiest with property agents they trust, and the best way to foster that trust is through conversation. Tell them about yourself and make yourself relatable by drawing connections between your shared passions and experiences. Demonstrating that you care about them beyond the scope of the transaction is crucial for making your prospects feel special and comfortable in your care.

Scream From The Mountaintop: As Loud As You Can!

Okay, I’m not asking you to climb all the way to the mountaintop and scream. You have to promote yourself before anyone else can. You can’t grow your business if no one knows about you. People might say, “good things come to those who wait.” So, you wait for the phone to ring. You wait for that handful of previous customers to tell their friends. You wait for the magic fairy to come and make it happen. It just is not going to happen.

You need traffic before you get sales. When you start accurately promoting yourself, traffic, customers, prospects and money will come into the flow. For instance, promote yourself on social media, you don’t have to present on all social media platforms, instead, choose 1 or 2 platforms where most of your audiences are active on. Post consistently, sharing some saveable and shareable contents. Create some topics that allow your audiences to discuss. Then, BOOM, you will see your leads are coming in.

Avoid Pitching, Focus On Solving

Stop talking about yourself and selling all the time. You should focus on your prospects and their needs. When you pitch prematurely, the prospect doesn’t engage. People, in general, don’t like to be around someone who just talks all the time, who just talks too much, and who talks about themselves. Instead, make fewer statements and ask more questions. Ask more open-ended, unique and thought-provoking questions. You don’t want your conversations to sound like answering a “yes or no questionnaire” right, don’t you? Communicate with prospects and try to fix their problems. Once said, the ability to provide help and solve problems will always increase the potential for sales.

Provide Values

The stress of buying a home can be a lot to bear along with everyday responsibilities. So, any time you can take something off your prospects’ plate, you should go for it. Doing so even when the task is not necessary but it will eventually enhance your prospects’ experience and leave them floored by your sensitivity and efforts.

If customers are too busy to make it to an open house or showing, go without them and film a guided tour of the property. Help them network and make new friends when they don’t know anyone in their new neighbourhood.

When you start providing value to your prospects, they’ll appreciate you all the more for it. By taking care of the small things, you’ll ensure that your customers want to work with you again and refer you to all their friends.

Ready To Become A Better Property Agent?

You’re all set to start smashing those sales and reaching higher levels. Remember what’s crucial: set expectations and go with the flow, treat your prospects like friends, scream from the mountain: as loud as you can!, avoid pitching, focus on solving and provide values.

Now you have a better idea of what strategies could be implemented. Keep moving forward with these strategies and reap the rewards of the hard work you’ve gradually sown.


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