Social Post Strategies Real Estate Agents Should Do To Generate More Leads

Every business should be on social media – real estate included. It is about putting yourself out there in front of your audience and positioning yourself as an authority in the industry. You are a real estate agent. You help people find their dream home. Your service is valuable. You are proud and confident in what you do. Show it to people! Be on social media and most importantly, do it effectively. Come up with a strategy and leverage it. Here are 8 actionable steps do to it.

Select a Platform first

While you can choose to be on every social media platform, there’s nothing quite as effective as choosing one or a couple of platforms that you can focus on to get the most results. Remember that it’s quality over quantity. If you can’t keep up with posting content consistently on one platform, you can’t expect to nail the job with 3 or 5 more platforms.

Know where your audience is. Are they mostly on TikTok? Facebook? How often do they watch YouTube? Are they on Instagram? Be where they are. Focus on at least two platforms if you’re just starting then grow from there.

Tell a Story

Storytelling has always been an important factor in marketing. People love a good story. Having an interesting story to tell allows your audience to relate to you and therefore, build an authentic connection with you.

Tell them about the story of how you started as a real estate agent. What are your challenges and struggles and how are you able to overcome them? Recall a mistake you’ve gone through and share your learnings. Tell a funny story of your experiences in the field. People can sense authenticity in social media. They’re more likely to trust you and be eager to work with you just by judging through your social media presence.

Talk about the neighborhood

If you’re selling a property in a particular neighborhood, talk about it. Share what the neighborhood is like. What are the amenities nearby? What things can people enjoy in the area? What’s it like living there and what should people expect from the neighborhood? What are the perks? Advantages and disadvantages?

There’s a lot that you can talk about the neighborhood which makes it a good content idea. Make a video tour around the proximity of the area and post it on TikTok or YouTube. Videos tend to perform well on social media because it allows the audience to experience and see a lot more of the context from their screens.

Use Real Estate Hashtags wisely

A lot of people wonder. Are hashtags really necessary? The answer is yes. While they might seem like trivial buzzwords thrown around in a social media post without strategic thought, hashtags actually play a role in the algorithm. In fact, there are hashtag tools online that help marketers find relevant and trending hashtags related to their niches. Hashtags may help marketers target specialized audiences, track campaigns, and brand their social material when used effectively.

Always Include a CTA

A call to action should be any marketer’s closing remark. Tell your audience what to do next by adding a Call to action at the bottom of your social media post. It could be as simple as encouraging them to like or follow your page or channel. The more consistent you are at including a call to action, the more your followers will be accustomed to responding to your call. You can invite them to a webinar, a 1-on-1 consultation, join a community, or subscribe to your email list.

Ask Open-Ended Real Estate questions

Open-ended questions allow your followers to think. When you post open-ended questions, they’re more likely to engage because the question demands them to share their thoughts other than a simple yes or no. It is also a great way for you to know more about your market. You’ll get detailed responses from clients who are, for the most part, quite knowledgeable. By asking open-ended questions, you’re providing your clients the freedom to respond as they want without being limited or influenced by predetermined replies.

Create a Video

There are many ways to create a video. There are platforms you can instantly use without the need to be an expert at filming or editing. Use TikTok and Instagram reels. Create short 1-2 minute videos of yourself speaking to your audience, answering queries, or simply sharing something valuable. The real estate industry is filled with information and technicalities that most people don’t know yet. Use your platform to increase awareness and share your knowledge with a wide range of audiences using videos.


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