Eight Things You Should Know When Moving House By Yourself

Moving House

What To Expect

Moving to a new home is considered a huge milestone in almost everyone’s life. There’s the excitement of finally moving into a new house – whether it be your dream home or a much bigger and better living unit. Regardless of what type of house you’re moving into, the thrill, nervousness, and excitement of moving houses cannot be denied.

For young professionals who moved out of their parent’s house for the first time, moving by themselves was probably a piece of cake. Of course, you didn’t have bulky valuable belongings back then such as furniture and appliances. However, if you have already built a life in your first home and are considering moving into a new one, doing all the moving process by yourself with only a little help from the family might be a challenging and stressful activity to embark on.

Deciding to do house moving by yourself has its own set of advantages. But there are drawbacks as well. It might seem like a doable task at first glance but there is a higher chance that you’ve underestimated how difficult it actually is to do it yourself. Here are 8 things you should know if DIY-moving is the route you want to take on.

1. Moving House is Stressful

When moving houses, there are a lot of things that you need to do all at once. These include decluttering, organizing and packing your items, labeling each box, preparing them for transport, and creating a clear and detailed inventory. Not to mention you still have to prepare the new house you’re going to be living in. If you do this all by yourself, the pressure and amount of workload might take a toll on you and cause you a lot of stress. Assess how stressful and grueling it would be if you do all these alone and make an informed decision whether to DIY or outsource the task to a moving company.

2. Packing Is Difficult

Packing your belongings is tiring especially if you have a ton of them. When packing by yourself, make sure you know the proper way of packing fragile items instead of putting them all together and trying to fit them in one box.

3. It Can Disrupt Your Work Schedule

Moving house can take weeks. Packing the things in a single bedroom alone could take a couple of days. If you have work in an office or you are working from home, it might disrupt your working schedule. Therefore, when planning on moving house soon, you should estimate how many days it would take you to pack and move and request for a leave to focus solely on the task.

4. There Might Be Delays

Always think of the possible situations and scenarios that might happen which can cause delays in the moving process. Some things don’t always go as planned. It is better to make room for any kind of mishaps such as emergencies, lost items, transportation issues, and the likes so you can solve it right away. The faster you can move, the better but it is always a good idea to expect delays.

5. Handling Fragile Furniture Pieces Is Challenging

Deciding to carry all the furniture by yourself might be difficult especially if you are not an expert in carrying heavy and fragile pieces. Furniture is expensive and as much as possible you want to keep them safe during the transportation process to avoid damage. While you can DIY the packing, carrying the item to and from the house is another thing. If you think you can’t carry them by yourself, consider hiring a moving company for help.

6. Disorganized Items

Not being organized with packing and categorizing things is what makes moving harder for many people. If you have a lot of things to pack, it is easy to get confused and lose track of where you are putting certain things in certain boxes. There are so many things on your mind and you don’t want to be all over the place to the point where you get so stressed and tired. Plan your strategy in packing and categorizing to make things easier to remember.

7. The Weather Can Affect The Moving The Process

On the day before moving, check the forecast and expect bad weather. Even if the forecast is good and the sun is showing in the sky, there is a high chance that a thunderstorm might occur in the afternoon. Heavy rain won’t make moving easier. It can damage your boxes and furniture so, wrap them in plastic if necessary to prevent soaking them in rain.

8. Whatever Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Think of possible scenarios that will make your moving process go wrong. It is important to expect unwanted or unexpected situations so you will be able to prepare a backup plan or solve it right away. One example is expecting rain on a moving day so you prepare plastic wraps, umbrellas, and coats to protect you and your belongings when transporting them.

Hiring professional movers could make sense if you don’t have anyone to help you move or the moving process is just so tiring and stressful for you. A trusted home moving company will help you throughout the process of moving. From the packing, delivering, to assembling furniture – depending on the custom-service you requested.


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