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Bay Windows

How To Maximize Them

There is a saying, “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” I would then infer that windows are therefore, the eyes of a house, allowing a view (maybe even an experience) of the other side of the world.

I have often sat at my bay window to read, have my tea, observe the rain, sunrise and sunset, and listen to the voices of my children playing, laughing, yelling and crying on the front porch.

I love my bay window for the memorable moments I enjoy while resting in that space. Unfortunately, it is also where I conveniently pile on folded clothes in transit (between the dryer and the wardrobe) and where my husband tends to leave things temporarily as well. It takes constant effort to keep that space free from clutter.

As an interior designer, I am often tasked by my clients to maximise the potential of the bay window space. After all, they did pay an arm and a leg for this space, or so they say. So, as part of my work, I have to think of creative uses for the bay window area.

There are countless way to incorporate bay window ideas but the first and most important step would be to establish what function and purpose the area will serve. When attempting to save space in a small room and to fit in more or bigger beds, mattresses can be customised to fit onto a bay window ledge.

For ladies who want to do their makeup in natural light, a dresser can be set up over a bay window. For parents who want children to study near a bay window to benefit from the natural light, a study table with extended depth can also be mounted over the bay window, with leg room for the user.

For users who want the bay window to function as part of the overall furniture layout, the bay window can be easily camouflaged with a customised sofa built over it.

With just some creativity, the bay window can serve to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any room.


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