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The water element is crucial in fengshui. After all, in Chinese, the term fengshui literally means “wind and water”. Much has been written about the role water plays in this ancient study; in fact, there are entire books dedicated solely to the subject of water- related fengshui. How much of the information being pushed around is fact, and how much of it is myth?

If we are going to follow the principles of classical fengshui, we should take the time to examine whether there is any credible theory behind the hearsay, especially for quick water- associated fengshui remedies. Let us take a look at some of the more common myths.

Fishes in the aquarium

There is a misconception that certain species of exotic fishes are “fengshui fishes”. The truth is, a fish is just that — regardless of its species, color or numbers. Fishes do absolutely nothing in terms of affecting one’s fengshui quotient, for better or worse. The aquarium, however, is a different matter.

The principle behind having an aquarium is to activate qi. When people utilise water in this respect, most of them will make their aquarium as nondescript as possible because it seems peculiar to just place a tank of water somewhere. Fishes are added to improve the aesthetics of the aquarium. The truth is, it would have fulfilled the fengshui purpose just by installing a pump in the aquarium to circulate the water, and leaving the fish out of the equation.

Water is equated with wealth

This is a classic example of how words can take on a life of their own. Water is frequently associated with money owing to the literal translation from a Chinese saying that “water is money”. This is further exacerbated by the fact that the Cantonese often use the word “water” to refer to money. This has led to the belief that water represents money and symbolises the flow of wealth into the house. Perhaps the most worrying misconception is that the more water there is, the more money it brings.

The fact is water has an overall positive impact on aiding the flow of qi. In classical fengshui, water serves as a symbol of the yang element. Contrary to popular belief, water is not a literal reference to wealth, nor does it cause the multiplication of money. Water is, in fact, an activator and it affects not only wealth, but also health and relationships.

The Water Dragon Formula can make you rich

Almost everyone wants to be a billionaire, own luxury cars and live in luxurious villas by the beach. Some people theorise that being surrounded by water elements can make them rich beyond measure. This stems from the common notion that water is directly associated with wealth and produces qi.

Therefore, some individuals have come up with “top secret” fengshui formulae such as the Water Dragon Formula, which encourages people to replicate certain water features using artificial means.

What needs to be understood is that water does not create qi of any nature, but it functions as a mere collector and circulator of the existing qi in a property. Therefore, the idea that water is the only catalyst for wealth is baseless.

Any type of water will do, including images of water

To get the maximum benefits of fengshui in your home, first and foremost, you need to have the real deal. But adding water elements in your premises does not include hanging pictures of water. Yet, some people do that and wait for miracles to happen.

Here is the bottom line: If you want to get positive qi flow from this element, incorporate water into the interior design of your home.

Roving eye and ‘right side’ water

Another misconception is that having water on the right side of a home will cause the man of the house to have affairs and create complications in his marriage. This is a preposterous notion; there is no evidence of principles or texts that suggest this in classical fengshui.

It is said, though, that the only instance where water can result in extramarital relationships or straying is when it inadvertently activates the Peach Blossom star within a property. Having said that, the Peach Blossom star could be located anywhere on the premises and not specifically on the right side.

These are just a few misconceptions regarding water in fengshui, which can cause confusion.

To allow the flow of water to positively affect the fengshui of your home and, in turn, your family, it is important to differentiate truth and myth before bringing the water element into your home.


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