A guide to selecting the right real estate professional

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Finding The Right Real Estate Professional

A Guide

Choosing the right real estate agent to help you in your search for a home or to find a tenant for your property is not something you can take lightly. Making the wrong choice could end up in disappointment and even confusion. It is advisable to appoint a licensed and qualified real estate agent to avoid having to endure the hassle of delays and obstacles.

What is the role of an agent?

An agent is the person who represents you either as a seller, buyer or even a tenant to negotiate with the opposite party and he/she is also the person to advise and guide you regarding the processes to follow in order to ensure the transaction is executed efficiently without any hiccups.

• Agents representing the seller/landlord

An agent who represents the seller/landlord is expected to advise you on the market price of your property by researching with a property valuation provider or other sources. The agent should prepare a professional marketing plan to sell or rent out your property and have access to internal agency systems that help market the property through other agents within the agency. The agent is also responsible to make arrangements to market your property through various channels and arranges negotiation meetings with potential buyer/tenant, organize viewings of your property and prepare the contracts/agreements on your behalf.

• Agents representing the buyer/tenant

For an agent who represents the buyer/tenant, he is responsible for assessing your needs and to advise you by presenting you with options of properties that meet your criteria and suit your budget. This is done through his own resources including his access to internal agency systems and other agents within the agency. The agent is responsible for arranging property viewings, handle negotiations (with your consent) with the other party and draft out the contracts on your behalf.

A good agent is one who is well versed with the property market and possesses up to date knowledge of the property types and region in order to be able to make good suggestions to suit the needs of the customer. Experience also plays an important part as an experienced agent is able to execute the transaction smoothly and without mistakes. Another factor to look at is the personality of the agent as you will be working closely with the particular person over a period of time and this will make your dealing with him more pleasant and comfortable. Ensure that the agent of your choice is a certified and qualified real estate agent who is knowledgeable in the most current procedures and laws.

It is advisable to engage a single agent to handle your transaction as multiple agents might cause confusion and lack of commitment. When only one agent is appointed to handle your property he will be more committed to expedite the process. Before you decide on which agent will best suit you, take the time to shop around


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