Three Ways Feng Shui Can Boost Property Sales

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The slew of cooling measures has dampened sales activities in recent years. With leads becoming scarce and valuable, here are three ways realtors can use feng shui to boost sales in a challenging market.

• Choose a good day for viewing

Ethnic Chinese often consult the Tong Sheng to pick an auspicious date and time for special occasions, such as weddings, moving to a new house or opening a business. Realtors and businessmen can similarly make use of the Tong Sheng to set a favourable appointment date and time to boost their chances of closing a deal.

The simplest way would be to identify the unfavourable day and time that would be incompatible with the realtor’s and his client’s zodiac (see calendar). There is a more advanced way of identifying the most auspicious appointment date and time, but we will not discuss that here.

• Declutter the property

Clutter interferes with the flow of qi or energy around a property. A home with a balanced qi brings peace and tranquillity to those who step into its space.

Leaving footwear around the doorstep will hinder the flow of positive qi into the property. Shoes and slippers should be properly stored in a shoe rack to enhance the flow of qi and wealth into the house. 

• Avoid having the kitchen door facing the main door

This layout may lead to loss of wealth. However, the problem can be easily countered by installing a curtain over the kitchen door.


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