Staging Dining and Kitchen Areas

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen and dining areas are one of the most challenging yet essential rooms to stage in a house. In an open floor plan layout, it can be difficult for a homebuyer to visually locate where the dining area would be, especially if the space is empty. In landed homes with many rooms, there are many areas that can be used as the dining room, while in small condo and HDB units, the unit might look too compact even to fit a dining area. These problems can be solved through staging.

The Dining Area

First, we assess the size of the dining area. After knowing the size of the space, we will be able to assess how many seats will fit in the space. If the dining area is big, we can place an 8-seater up to 12-seater dining table. This kind of space is typical in most landed homes. In condo units and HDBs on the other hand, 2-5 seater dining tables will do.

Next, we select the type of dining table and chair that would suit best in the space. For bigger dining areas, we always go for long dining tables or dining tables that are put together to create a big rectangular dining table. In small spaces, round dining tables are the best option. They are light, simple, and space-saving which makes them ideal for HDBs and condo units. For the dining chairs, we will choose contemporary-designed chairs that are elegant yet have a homely appeal.

Arrange the furniture

The dining table will be placed in the area where a dining area should be. Chairs will follow next. The layout and arrangement can change depending on what is more convenient for the space. Some layouts may work while others don’t. It is important for the dining area to look spacious so that homebuyers will be able to see how many people the dining area can accommodate.

Set the table

The next thing we do is set up the table. Setting up the table makes the dining area more presentable and attractive to the eyes. It evokes elegance and indicates the kind of ambiance that you want to create in the space. Also, putting up extra effort like setting up the table will make homebuyers appreciate the property more. Presentation makes a huge difference especially if you’re trying to close a premium deal.


Accessories are the cherry on top of every home staging composition. Without it, the interior of a space can look dull, boring, and ordinary. When selecting accessories, we stick to the most essential items to avoid overcrowding. Things like lamps, plants, paintings, vases, and coffee table accessories are what we bring to the set to create a homely and natural vibe in the rooms. Accessorizing makes the space look and feel welcoming.

The Kitchen Area

Make sure the kitchen is clean

The kitchen is the easiest to stage when it comes to furniture and decorations. Most of the time, we don’t add much to the kitchen except for some minimal kitchen accessories like bowls, hand towels, and kitchen knife holders. We make sure that the kitchen is spotlessly clean before we add up the accessories.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter in the kitchen is a turnoff to homebuyers. When staging the kitchen we make sure that counters and storage units are free of any form of clutter. Storage areas should also be half empty because most home buyers open them when they view the property. You don’t really want to hide all the clutter in the storage and surprise the guest when they open it. If there are items in the storage, we make sure to put them somewhere else – like in the base cabinets where they can easily go unnoticed.

Place some homely elements

Placing homely elements like fruits in bowls, a small potted succulent, and some hand towels can make the kitchen feel homely and welcoming. Home buyers must be able to feel that the kitchen is comfortable and efficient enough to accommodate the family and their cooking activities.

Make it look natural as possible

We don’t want the kitchen to look too clinical especially in contemporary or modern homes. Elements like pendant lights, and task lights can enhance the overall ambiance. Adding everyday things that are common in the kitchen such as bowls, jars, towels, and some bar stools can instantly enhance the look of the kitchen and allow home buyers to assess the size of the kitchen.


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