Interior Styling Tips For First Time Homeowners

Buying a home is a huge milestone in someone’s life. It is the start of a new chapter in their lives. For first-time homeowners, moving into a new home is fun and exciting. However, the process can be tiring, draining, and overwhelming. If you have just recently bought an empty property and you’re not quite sure how to style it to make it more homely, stick until the end of this blog. Here, we outlined several interior styling tips to help you out.

Interior Styling Tip #1: Pick a color scheme

First things first. Before you go out and buy accessories and decorations, make sure that you have finalized your interior’s color scheme first. This will serve as your guide on what items to purchase. If you are having a hard time choosing the colors that would best fit your space, ask a professional interior stylist to help you out.

With their skills and an eye for good design, they will be able to help you translate your vision into a great interior design composition that fits your style. Interior stylists will also create a mood board containing all the colors, materials, and other decorations that they want to include in your home.

Interior Styling Tip #2: Buy the most important decors first

Due to excitement, some first time homeowners may not help but splurge on buying accessories and decorations for their home. If you don’t properly control your spending habits, you may end up purchasing items which are not really necessary.

This will only contribute to your clutter. Therefore, before you buy items, make sure that you have already discussed things with your interior stylist. You can also do the buying by yourself but always remember to only purchase the most important decors first. It can be an accent chair, a rug, or a piece of artwork on the walls.

Interior Styling Tip #3: Accessorize Your Shelves

An interior space without shelves is just plain boring. Don’t just put books and bowls in there. Style it with other interesting décor items as well such as figurines, sculptures, succulents, and other accessories. Study how to create visual balance and proportion when styling shelves and don’t forget to keep things to a bare minimum to avoid overcrowding the space.

Interior Styling Tip #4: Choose your wall art

Don’t leave your walls blank and boring. Spruce it up with several artworks. If you have a minimalist space, you can opt for a very minimal but big artwork to put up in your space. These types of artworks often create a focal point and can really wow your guests. If you don’t want to use a bigger artwork, You can always go for a 4 set graphic art to hang as a gallery on your wall. There is no rule that tells homeowners how to decorate with art. Therefore, you can be as creative as you want.

Interior Styling Tip #5: Don’t overcrowd

For houses with limited space, it is better to keep your decorations and accessories to a bare minimum. Sometimes, having too many decorations within the space can make it look very crammed. This is one of the reasons why stylists always include in their interior styling tips to choose minimal yet significant décor. That way, you don’t have to spruce your space with accessories here and there just to catch the attention of your guests.

Interior Styling Tip #6: Choose a centerpiece

Examples of centerpieces include a piece of large mirror, an artwork, a piece of furniture, or it can even be your TV stand. Adding a centerpiece will help you tie the overall look of the room together. Centerpieces are head turners. Because you will be placing them in the center, they should be attractive and creative enough for people to notice.

Interior Styling Tip #7: Create Contrast

Finally, don’t forget to create contrast. Contrast in the interior space can be applied by color blocking walls, choosing furniture with opposite or complementary colors. Contrast adds visual play and texture in the space. They make the house look lively and full of life.


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