Six Things That Turn Off Homebuyers

What Turns Homebuyers Off

Six Things To Note

It is important to take note that buying a house is a huge milestone in someone’s life. Buyers can be emotional and meticulous considering that it is a high-priced purchase. A lot of money is at stake and one wrong decision can be very costly. If you have been a homebuyer before, you pretty much can relate. It’s no longer enough to just advertise your home in today’s increasingly competitive markets. Instead, you have to make your home as desirable as possible to stand out, sell it faster, and get maximum returns. To do this, you need to understand and know your market very well.

While most homebuyers already have preferences in mind when they go to see a house, seeing these turn-offs can drastically affect the deal. Avoid these turn-offs when placing a house on the market or inviting buyers on a home viewing tour.

1. Unkept entrance/hallway

“First impressions last,” as real estate agents constantly say when preparing a home for viewing. When a prospect walks in to tour the property, everything should be near-perfect to establish a favorable first impression. The instant they view the property’s doorway, it should be clean and in good working order to pique their interest to see the rest.

Keep it free from unnecessary clutter. Remove shoe racks in the hallways and organize the mudroom. If you can, it is ideal to decorate the entrance and put some plants to make the home look vibrant and welcoming.

2. Lack of storage space

Homebuyers’ primary concern when looking for properties to buy is the storage space. They would often inquire about it ahead of time before they even plan to view it. If your property lacks storage, it is something you can work on before putting the house up for listing.

Extra storage space in the bedrooms and kitchen is a good idea. When the home is sold, the money you spent on this minor repair will pay off handsomely. Given the improvements you made to the property, there’s a better possibility it’ll sell for more than your original asking price.

3. Dirt

Most homebuyers can be really meticulous when checking out the house. They’d look for the small details and pay attention to the bad features the property may have. Any sign of dirt would be an absolute turn-off. So, before viewing, make sure to deep clean the entire property especially critical areas where dirt accumulates over time such as kitchen sinks, toilets, and showers. If the house is a bit old and tile stains are hard to clean off, a little renovation will help. Upgrade the areas that you think need to be updated such as kitchen backsplash and bathroom floors and walls.

Repaint the walls if necessary. As much as possible everything should look as good as new. The more attractive and updated the property is, the higher the chance of it selling at first viewing.

4. Odor

Nothing can turn off homebuyers quite strongly like a bad odor emanating from the house. Consider a situation in which they are welcomed with a foul odor the instant they enter the premises. They’ll be irritated by that stench no matter how lovely and clean everything appears to be.

To avoid this make sure to dispose of the garbage within the property. Check the plumbing and draining systems for any signs of leakage. Clean rugs and carpets and make sure you get rid of any pet odor. Install a humidifier during viewing to enhance the smell and the atmosphere inside the house.

5. Damages and stains

Any hint of damage has the potential to deter potential purchasers. Damages to appliances, windows, doors, kitchen hardware, plumbing fixtures, lights, and other items are among them. It would signify that the house has not been well-maintained, and apparent damages might indicate that there are further issues with the property’s state at the time they purchase it. Replace everything that is broken such as doorknobs, door hinges, lighting fixtures, and any visible metal hardware that is already rusting.

6. Bad real estate agent is also a turn-off to homebuyers

No matter how attractive a property that’s on the listing, if the real estate agent handling it is not good, that’s a turn-off to homebuyers. A good property agent should be knowledgeable about the local market and can assist buyers in obtaining the best possible property offer.

During viewings, the real estate agent should be accommodating, easy to interact with, and very professional in going through the run-of-the-mill process of home tours. He/she should be able to showcase the property in its best light and leave a wonderful impression on prospective buyers.

It might be difficult for a seller to find an excellent real estate agent. However, by thoroughly assessing agents and paying attention to what they say, you may avoid dealing with terrible real estate agents that waste your time, cause difficulties, and cost you money.

If your home has been on the market for six months or more, check it to determine if it has any of these turn-offs that might cause buyers to pass it up. You might be investing money in enhancing your marketing approach and other areas of your selling process, but you’re forgetting the major issue, which is tackling the most common reason why homebuyers walk away. We hope this blog has helped you in any way to learn more about the real estate market.


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