How to Search for the Perfect Co-living Space

Co-living Space

How To Find The Perfect One

Co-living is a common option among young professionals, college students, and digital nomads who are planning to relocate to new cities. Singapore is known as a global business hub and a lot of young people both local and abroad who are starting their careers would flock here to look for opportunities. This is what makes co-living possible.


Make a wish list

Finding a space to co-live is just as the same as finding a rental HDB or condo unit to move into. You should pick a place where you can experience the ideal lifestyle you want and feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied. Before you go out and search for listings, create a wish list of all the features, amenities, and characteristics of the co-living space you wish to live in.

Do you want to have a big kitchen? Complete appliances? A balcony with a view? A snug and comfy communal area? Private bedrooms with their own toilet and bath? List it all down! The list you made will serve as your guide once you start looking for co-living spaces online.


Narrow by amenities

Co-living spaces typically come with a variety of amenities and services. Make sure that the accommodation you pick provides you with the best amenities and essential services that fits your ideal lifestyle. There are co-living places that offer gym and pool access, yoga studio access, function halls, cafes, bars, and others.

Another thing you should take note of is the internet access. If you are working from home, it is important to have a strong internet connection. Therefore, your co-living should have a strong fiber optic internet connection.


Join online communities

If it is your first time trying co-living, having a community or group of people you can ask about their own experience is crucial. Knowing the living set up you are getting into is the key to deciding whether or not co-living is right for you.

Join an Online group of people your age who are seeking co-living accommodation so you can discuss the many shared space choices in your district with them. This is crucial since you want to be sure that you will get along with any prospective future housemates for a long time.

Facebook groups for housing are an excellent place to seek roommates who live together. It’s crucial to be a decent roommate, so make sure you’re prepared for that commitment as well.


Use the internet

You may get a list of probable choices by performing a straightforward Google search for “co-living spaces in” your city. In order to select the best place, go through all of the available shared living options in your city and start planning your visits. When looking for new housing, the internet will undoubtedly be one of your most convenient options.


Visit places

Visit districts and neighborhoods to get familiarized with the place. If you are moving into an area that feels entirely foreign to you, it is important that you know how to navigate the place and locate certain establishments that you will visit more often such as grocery stores, pharmacies, train stations, bus stops, banks, and a lot more. Doing this will help you decide which is the best location to look for a co-living unit.


Interact with co-living residents

If you have a friend or know someone who has tried co-living before or who are currently co-living residents, you can always ask them questions about co-living. What is it like for them? Is it fun? Convenient? What are the perks and pros and cons of living with individuals who might be complete strangers?

Hearing the opinions of co-living residents will give you an idea on what to expect and make an informed decision whether a co-living space would be a better choice than a rental.


Attend community events

Co-living emphasizes the importance of community. Most co-living organizations provide social gatherings so that tenants may get to know one another. Before settling into your new place, you can consider going to a neighborhood event to see how you get along with the other residents.

Getting to know potential neighbors who you could be sharing living space with is always a good idea.

Lastly, never compromise.

Never settle for a location you’re not completely comfortable with since doing so might lead to more problems between you and a potential roommate. If you can’t discover a co-living environment that makes you genuinely happy, keep looking. There is a space for you out there!


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