7 Essential Tips For First-Time Buyers

First-Time Buyers

Some Tips To Consider

Buying an apartment or house for the first time can be overwhelming if you're not sure of the process you need to follow.

It can also be more expensive than it needs to be as there are a range of incentives to help you get on the property ladder by saving you tens of thousands of dollars, so it always pays to do your homework and be prepared.

Below are some tips to help if this is your first time in the market.

Free money! – There are numerous grants and financial assistance programs to encourage first-time buyers into the market.

Get across all costs – You must know every expense that comes with buying and owning a home. One-off big bills include stamp duty and legal fees – and don't forget you'll need to cover moving costs and setting up your home.

Set your limit – Given the strength of the property market, your inclination will be to spend every cent. But don't let your mortgage make life a misery. Being a slave to a home loan is no fun and can cause stress in relationships.

Get a loan pre-approval – This will allow you to bid and negotiate knowing you have the support of your lender. If you find your ideal property and you haven't applied for a loan, you're likely to lose out to buyers who are better prepared and can act faster. Down the track, your lender will value the property before formalising a loan agreement.

Be genuine – How you conduct yourself in a negotiation will determine how seriously an owner and agent will take you. If you low-ball your bid, expect to be marked a time-waster by the seller's agent. Keep it real and stay in the game if you want the property.


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