Home Staging Myths

Home Staging Myths

What Are They?

Myth 1. Home staging is costly

Home staging is not cheap, but it is also profitable! A complete staging job normally costs far less than your initial price decrease. There will be staging charges, but deciding not to stage eventually costs more.

Myth 2. You only stage vacant homes

Not true. You can also stage occupied properties for those homeowners who are still living in the house while the property is listed on the market. Staging an occupied unit entails rearranging furniture and assisting the homeowner in cleaning, decluttering, and decorating the spaces in the house. It is a little challenging but hiring a professional home staging company will make everything hassle-free.

Myth 3. You should list the house first and stage when it doesn’t sell

Ideally, you should stage your house before putting it on the market. This will save you time, effort, and money in the future. A lot of people think that staging only becomes necessary when a property doesn’t sell right away. But this is not true. Regardless of the type of property you are selling, staging it first will give you enough leverage to control what the next steps will be. Your listing images should show your home at its finest, which is when it has been set. We understand that you may be eager to get it on the market. But believe us when we tell you that if you clean and prepare your home before you take photographs, it will sell much faster.

Myth 4. I can stage my own house

Real estate agents consider home staging an important factor to make a house sell

Staging looks like a very easy thing to do. Just place a couple of furniture within the space and add a bit of decoration and your property is good to go. It is quite challenging for owners to look at their own properties objectively. Living in a house for so long causes one to acquire acclimation to the sights, sounds, and scents of their surroundings. Having a professional home stager examine your property can give you an idea of what buyers will be looking for.

Myth 5. Home staging is just a real estate trend

Staging has grown in popularity as a result of its effectiveness. If you’ve ever attended an open house or even an in-person showing, you’ll be able to tell when a property has been appropriately staged and when it hasn’t. When it comes to selling your house, first impressions are everything; investing in staging services gives you an advantage in an ever-changing market.


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