HOME IDEAS: Lofty Ambitions — Maximising the Use of a High Ceiling

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High Ceilings

How To Maximize

A loft structure or a “free-standing furniture platform” is a term commonly used in some of the recent projects in Singapore. Typically adopted at places with sufficient width and a void space or high ceiling, it allows you to maximize the space underneath for items such as a desk, shelf, futon, dresser or computer table. It is a great space saver and best of all, kids of all ages love it.

For children with small bedrooms or multiple kids sharing a room, a loft bed allows for more bedroom space, and everyone gets to sleep on top. It helps you to utilize your space more effectively and maximize the available space in your room.

A loft bed is good for a small bedroom be-cause you can open up more floor space. The space underneath is a good place for a desk or play area. Consider installing a homework desk under the loft bed. This is a great solution for kids who need a dedicated place to study or set up a computer. Another option is to install seating, a bookcase and a lamp for a personal library.

A loft structure gives you extra storage space. The space underneath a loft structure is one of its most popular features. If you do not need a workspace, you can always put the extra square footage to good use by installing a wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, shoe cabinet or other important things. The extra storage space becomes valuable when implemented at the right areas.

The extra space is also useful for families. A tall loft structure with a height of about 2.4m accommodates great pieces of furniture for growing families. The additional space created allows for secondary function without compromising on the comfort of whatever is below. The structure can be anchored next to a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. The tall book-case not only adds plenty of storage but also warmth and texture to what would otherwise have been a sterile room.


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