Can I buy a resale HDB flat with my mother if I am single?

Buying A Resale Flat With My Mother

Is This Possible?

Yes, under certain conditions.

If you are a single Singapore Citizen (SC) at least 35 years old, or if widowed, 21 years old or above, you can buy a resale HDB flat with your parents as a family nucleus, under the Public Scheme (if your parents are also SC or SPR) or under the Non-Citizen Family Scheme (if your parents are foreigners but with a valid Long Term Visit Pass).

If you are a single Singapore PR (SPR), you need to ensure that at least one of your parents is an SC or SPR as well, as they need to be included as essential occupiers. For an SPR household (without any SC owner), all SPR owners and essential occupiers must have SPR status for 3 years before they can buy a resale flat.

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You are also able to buy a resale flat with your parent if he or she is divorced or widowed, subject to the above conditions.

However, if your parents are still in a marital relationship, you cannot buy a resale flat with one parent only, even if he or she does not co-own another property with your other parent. This is because HDB views a married couple as one entity.

Last but not least, all buyers and essential occupiers of a HDB flat cannot own any other private, commercial or industrial property within or outside Singapore, within five years after buying the flat. This condition will therefore apply to your parent(s) as well.


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