YouTube for Real Estate Agents: Use It to Grow Your Business

YouTube : Use It to Grow Your Business

YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet, providing businesses with a massive platform to reach a wider audience. We know that online video marketing offers a unique possibility for businesses and YouTube has become an essential marketing tool for almost every business in any industry in the past years. The platform makes it simpler to communicate with and engage clients.

YouTube has a huge user base. Almost 2 billion people visit the site every month and YouTube users view more than 1 billion hours of video every day, which is more than Netflix and Facebook combined.

Here are ways to use YouTube to grow your real estate business.

1. Plan Your Content

Maintaining a YouTube channel is far more challenging compared to other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. YouTube is a whole new universe in itself and in order for your channel to thrive on the platform, consistency is a must.

There is no other way to be consistent with content other than planning ahead. So, allocate a day to sit down, grab a pen and paper, flesh out all of your real estate video content ideas and schedule them ahead. Keeping your content bank full will save you time in the future and when the going gets tough, your planning strategy will be the one to save you.

2. YouTube for Real Estate Agents: Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Although creating a YouTube real estate channel isn’t as difficult as creating a full website, it is just as crucial to stand out from the crowd. Consider your channel page to be similar to a landing page. Your aim is to get people to visit it so you can collect and create leads.

Make sure each aspect of your YouTube channel reflects your identity, character, and expertise so that prospects find you through your videos. Include your photo, logo, channel title, slogan, compelling images that showcase your area or target audience, and any content that promotes your real estate business.

3. Start Filming

Refer to the content plan you have created and start filming your life as a property agent. It can be as simple as showing how you start your day or filming a day in a life of a property agent, sharing the books you read, and so on. Your videos must have a human element to them so people will be able to relate, connect, and be encouraged to interact with you.

4. Post Engaging Walk Through Videos

The heart of real estate content is walk-through videos. So, create tons of them. Create one from each of the listings you have for sale. Talk about the property, the neighborhood, what to expect living in the area, what are the amenities, and other significant information that buyers would want to know when looking for properties to buy.

5. Create Informational Videos

To keep your content bank full, create informational videos too. Talk about the real estate market trends, tips for first-time homebuyers, a guide to home sellers, walk them through the buying and selling process, and educate them about the legalities.

6. Use Video Editing Tools

Video is more interesting than written text, which is one of the reasons YouTube is so effective for real estate marketing. People only recall 10% of what they read, yet 95% of video communications are remembered. You’ll have to edit and produce your films strategically and properly to create captivating videos that attract real estate leads.

To ensure that your viewers can properly hear you, make sure there are no extraneous background noises such as beeping, gusty wind, or outside talk. To make your video more engaging, accessible, and clear, consider putting subtitles and/or background music.

7. YouTube for Real Estate Agents: Write SEO Optimized Copy

You must optimize the written description explaining each video for search engines if you want your audience to see your YouTube real estate videos while browsing the internet. Because YouTube is controlled by Google, having targeted text content on your profile and for each video increases the likelihood that your video will rank well in Google searches, possibly sending you thousands of viewers that can potentially be clients.

8. Add a Call to Action

Add CTAs to get your audience to watch more videos, go to your website or landing page, like and comment on the video, sign up for email alerts, or subscribe to your YouTube channel. There are many ways to incorporate CTA’s in YouTube content. You can put it at the beginning, middle, or end of the video and also in the description box.

9. Promote Your YouTube for Real Estate Agents Channel

Of course, don’t forget to promote your YouTube channel on all of your social media pages. Tell people about your channel and consistently post your video updates on Instagram and Facebook stories as well as on TikTok. The more people you will reach, the faster your YouTube channel will grow.

10. Hire a Professional Videographer to help you out.

Lastly, consider hiring a professional videographer or engaging with a trusted video production company to help you kickstart your video marketing content. By engaging with a video production company, you will be able to save time in coming up with a video script, filming, and editing. You will also save money since you don’t need to purchase video equipment and editing software.


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