What is the HFE letter?

What is the HFE letter?

Ready to purchase your own HDB flat? If you are considering to buy a BTO or resale flat, you will need to obtain an HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter first. Here’s a quick overview of the HFE letter and its application process.


The HFE letter provides homebuyers with an evaluation of their housing and financing choices, and streamlines the process of purchasing an HDB flat. With the HFE letter, you will know upfront if you are eligible to:

- Purchase a new or resale HDB flat

- Receive CPF housing grants, and the grant amount

= Secure an HDB housing loan, and the loan amount

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How do I apply for the HFE letter?

Application for an HFE letter involves 2 simple steps:

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When should I apply for the HFE letter?

You will need a valid HFE letter when you:

- Apply for a flat from HDB during a BTO sales launch or open booking of flats

- Obtain an Option to Purchase from a flat seller for a resale flat, and when you submit a resale application to HDB

Apply for your HFE letter within 30 calendar days of initiating the Preliminary HFE Check. Otherwise, you will need to update the employment details for all persons listed in your application and/or restart the preliminary HFE checking process.

Once your HFE letter is ready, you will be notified via SMS to log in to the HDB Flat Portal. Your HFE letter will be valid for 9 months once issued.



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