Successful Home Staging

How To Do It

Home staging has proven to be an effective strategy in getting homes sold fast and at a higher price.


Deep clean

Cleaning makes a huge difference. If you don’t have the time and resources to improve or stage a property, cleaning and tidying it up a bit will help. Before any staging is done, we make sure that the property is clean from the exterior to the interior. Old properties with rundown wall paints, flooring, and ceiling need renovation.

Others just need a minor touch up. Cleaning the floor tiles, toilet and baths, kitchen sinks, and other areas of the house that most likely acquires moisture must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid bad odor and unwanted stains and dirt marks that turns buyers off.


If the property that we are going to be staging is occupied, we advise the owner to depersonalize it. Depersonalizing a space means getting rid of personal items that are on display such as picture frames, plaques, trophies, personal hygiene kits, shoes, slippers, and the like.

The goal of depersonalizing is to make the house look and feel as neutral as possible. If the house is not depersonalized, the buyer will feel as if he/she is inspecting someone’s house and not checking out a potential home. It can also get them distracted while viewing.


After depersonalizing, we make sure that there is no clutter visible when staging. Clutter can ruin the home staging composition that we have planned. Some items might seem out of place and the unit can look overcrowded with stuff. To avoid this, we declutter display shelves, closets, and storage spaces. If there are items in them, we make sure that they are at least half empty to create a sense of more storage space in the house.

Arrange furniture

The arrangement of the furniture plays an important role in making the house look appealing to guests. Furniture must be chosen carefully. As a professional home staging company, we take time in choosing the right furniture that would be perfect for a certain property we’re staging. For contemporary homes with a large living area, we choose modern sectional sofas. For small HDBs on the other hand, we select 2-seater or 3-seater sofas.


Accessories are what makes a living space homely and natural-looking to viewers. When we stay natural-looking, it means that the house must look livable and comfortable to homebuyers like a typical family home. There should be cozy elements such. This includes rugs, throw pillows, vases, flowers, paintings, fruits on a bowl, some kitchen items, and the likes. We also set the table to create a sense of elegance. Homebuyers would appreciate the effort you put into staging once they see the beautiful table setting in the dining area. Using accessories in staging to entice guests will ensure a successful home staging

Create conversational areas

Conversational areas are one of the things that makes a house homely. In big master bedrooms and landed houses with outdoor areas, or condo units with a balcony, we create conversational areas by placing outdoor furniture or pairing accent chairs together. Conversational areas like these would most likely be attractive to young couples, newlyweds, or newly-engaged couples who are looking for a home to buy.

Mind the lighting

A beautiful staging won’t make sense if the lighting is bad. The lighting affects everything in the interior. Darker kitchens would look gloomy and living rooms would appear dull and old. If a house has bad lighting, we enhance it by opening windows and applying light window treatments. Instead of drapes, we opt for sheer curtains. Removing old blinds and replacing them with new ones or a curtain is also another alternative. We also advise checking the lightbulbs and make sure that they are functional before a home buyer views the unit.

Hire a professional

Lastly, hiring a professional will ensure a 100% successful home staging. Home stagers know exactly how to stage a property. Whether it is a landed house, a multi-generational house, a condo unit or an HDB. Hiring a professional will make your job easier and the process will be smooth.


We would love to help you get the most out of your property.

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