How to Stage Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor staging is just as important as interior staging. The outdoor space is oftentimes the first things that homebuyers will see once they walk into the property. In some cases, outdoor areas can be a huge selling point. It can be a small patio or a balcony in high-rise residential buildings. Regardless of where your outdoor space is located, staging it is a must because it can add value to your property.

Keep in mind that outdoor spaces can be a major selling point. Highlight these areas by staging them and capture great photos that will attract a pool of potential quality buyers right through your property’s door. Remember that you’re selling more than simply space when you sell your house; you’re selling a way of life. Therefore, buyers should be able to visualize the lifestyle they dream of when they view the property. It can be a fun dinner night in the garden, or a peaceful view of Singapore’s skyline in the balcony.

Here are some tips on how to stage the outdoor space of your property to sell.

1. Clean

First things first. Cleaning the outdoor space can go a long way when it comes to presenting a house to sell. If you are selling a good class bungalow with a yard, make sure to mow your lawn or trim the landscape. Remove any sign of garbage and arrange the plants.

2. Declutter

Getting rid of clutter is a crucial first step in home staging, according to any professional, and this guideline holds true for both the interior and exterior of a property. Before proceeding to the next stage of staging, be sure to put away any children’s toys, gardening tools, garbage cans, and barbecue grills.

3. Create a conversation area

There is usually enough room in outdoor living areas to set up some seating spots. Typically, outdoor furniture is organized to resemble a family room indoors. By including outdoor furniture, you make it easier for buyers to see themselves relaxing and having guests over in your outdoor area.

4. Place Interesting Furniture pieces

When staging the outdoor space, you should include furniture pieces that will complement the overall ambiance. For example, if you are staging an outdoor area with a pool, lounges with soft cushions might look very appealing. When staging a small balcony, two accent chairs with a center table would be your best option. For larger balconies, create interesting scenery by adding a hammock chair.

5. Install outdoor lighting

Even though the majority of home showings take place during the day, it’s still crucial to ensure the external lighting is functional. Inspect old sconces for burnt-out bulbs and update them as necessary. Outdoor lighting is a fantastic tool for atmosphere creation. A modest patio or yard is brightened by a line of bistro lights, which also helps potential buyers envision nighttime entertaining. To illuminate flowerbeds or other outdoor features, use spotlights.

6. Decorate with plants

It’s amazing what a single potted plant can do to your space. Outdoor spaces shouldn’t be devoid of plants whether they are potted or not. For balconies in high-rise apartments, make your outdoor space vibrant and interesting by adding a couple of plants in the corner. A quick and ingenious technique to decorate a bare wall is to add air plants to a metal trellis. You can do this in balconies and garden patios.


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