How to Make a Small Condo Look Bigger Through Home Staging


How to Make It Look Bigger Through Home Staging

Space is one major factor that homebuyers would look for when viewing properties to buy. There are sellers who want to see houses that they think will be able to accommodate them and their growing family in the future. Given the difficult square footage of Singapore’s condo units and the tough competition in the condo market, it is important to be ahead of the pack by exhibiting your condo unit at its finest. So how can you better do it? Our suggestion is to stage it.

You see, staging can make a huge difference in how a space appears to viewers. Placing furniture, decorations, accessories, window treatments, and items like mirrors and artworks can help buyers visually estimate how spacious the rooms are and whether or not their things would fit just fine within the space.

Follow these staging suggestions to create a sense of spaciousness in your condo while highlighting the efficiency and aesthetics.


1. Plan the layout

The key to making a space feel and look bigger is in how you arranged or layout furniture within the room. Before moving the furniture inside, take measurements of the space so you will be able to determine the size of the sofa and other seating furniture appropriate for the space. Have a floor plan or a design mood board ready before you start staging.


2. Take into account traffic movement

There are instances where a big space feels narrow and small and it is all because of how the furniture is placed. Keep in mind the optimal distance required between a sofa from the tv and the coffee table from the seating around it. The living room should be easy to navigate and the way the furniture is arranged should direct the traffic movement.


3. Choose simple furniture with plain upholstery

Picking the right furniture can make a huge difference. Select furniture that is simple rather than bulky. Shorter furniture is preferable because they make the room appear spacious by making the walls look bigger. Streamlined furniture is also versatile which is ideal if you are aiming for a modest contemporary look yet something that exudes elegance, sophistication, and luxury.


4. Declutter

If the house you are going to stage is occupied, make sure to declutter as much as you can. Depersonalized the house by removing personal items such as picture frames, awards, books, and other decorations owned by the seller. Homebuyers would want to see if the house has enough storage space to hold all of their belongings so it is recommended to empty storage areas, organize shelves, and make sure it’s free from dirt and dust.


5. Keep your accessories and decorations to a bare minimum

It is better to opt for a minimalist approach when staging a property for sale because decorations and accessories can sometimes make the room look too crowded and personal. Select a few decorations to add such as vases, artwork or painting, a floor lamp, table lamps, figurines, and bowls on coffee tables. The right selection of decorations can make a room feel homey and livable which is a huge factor that can affect a homebuyer’s buying decision.


6. Place area rugs in your small condo

A rug offers a visual boundary and shifts the main point of a room, making it seem more snug and cozy. Rugs bring a space together and make it look more unified. Use a rug large enough to fit under the front legs of your furniture in living rooms and family rooms.


7. Optimize natural light

The more light in a room, the larger it appears. Remove or leave curtains open to bring in the maximum light. Also, consider lightweight drapes over hefty ones. If you have a room that’s a bit darker or gloomy during the day or is very narrow, consider placing huge standing mirrors to create an illusion of more space. Placing one mirror opposite a window doubles the quantity of light that enters the space. Furthermore, you can add decorative accessories with shiny surfaces like vases, bowls, sculptures, figurines, and the like.


8. Keep backdrop colors in your small condo light and neutral

It’s no secret that bright colors make a place appear larger, especially if it’s filled with natural light. This method is based on science. White reflects light, whereas darker colors absorb more. If you give your walls a glossy or gloss finish, the quantity of light reflected will increase, even more, giving the illusion of more space. If you have a small unit painted with dark colors, consider repainting it with lighter or neutral colors to make it look bigger and brighter.


9. Add Indoor Plants

There are several reasons why indoor plants are important in a home. They look great, they purify the air, and they add vibrancy to a room. But here’s one you probably haven’t considered: they can make a room feel larger. When strategically placed, plants can be a huge asset in your home’s staging composition. Huge potted plants exude a tropical vibe which makes the space feel open and airy.


10. Hire a Professional Home staging company

Leave the job to a professional and engage with a home staging company.


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