HDB’s Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

What is MOP?

MOP is the period that you must live in your HDB flat before you can sell it on the open market. As HDB flats are primarily for owner-occupation, this policy safeguards flats for households with genuine housing needs. It also helps to deter the speculative purchase of HDB flats, and thus helps to keep flats affordable.


How long is the MOP of my flat?

The MOP of your HDB flat is calculated from the date you collect the keys to your flat and excludes any period when you do not occupy the flat, such as when the whole flat is rented out or when there has been an infringement of the flat lease.

The length of the MOP depends on the purchase mode, flat type, and date of flat application. Here are the MOP lengths for the more common flats – you can visit the HDB InfoWEB for the full list of MOP lengths:

Flat bought from HDB (e.g. BTO/ SBF flat): 5 years

Flat bought from the resale market, either with or without grants: 5 years

Flat under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model: 10 years

To check whether you have met the MOP to sell your flat, you can log in to My HDBPage with your Singpass.

When HDB introduces its new classification of flats from the second half of 2024, the MOP of flats launched thereafter will depend on whether it is classified as Standard, Plus, or Prime.


What am I not allowed to do during the MOP?

During the MOP, you cannot:

Sell your HDB flat

Rent out your whole HDB flat

Acquire a private residential property

Apply for another BTO flat

You will still be able to rent out your spare bedrooms during the MOP, if you are able to meet the other eligibility criteria.


What happens if I don’t live in my flat during the MOP?

Non-occupation of your flat during the MOP is an infringement of HDB’s rules and regulations, and enforcement action will be taken against errant flat owners. This could range from a financial penalty to compulsory acquisition of the flat.

HDB also conducts inspection on all flats involved in a resale transaction. If there are signs that the flat has not been lived in, HDB will withhold the resale application and commence investigations.



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