Five tips to sell your home fast

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Selling Your Home

Some Tips

1. Set a realistic price

Selling a house in a slow market amid a tight lending environment can be very challenging, says Low. Hence, he advises property owners to set realistic asking prices that reflect the current soft market. In order to find out the right price for a property, owners can consult banks to get a valuation on their property, which is free of charge.

2. Hire the right estate agent

Firstly, make sure the agent is a registered real estate agent or negotiator. Then, ask the agent some questions about the property market in the area or check his or her property listings on the web to ensure that he or she is really familiar with the area,” he says, adding that owners can ask for recommendations from friends or relatives as well.

3. Be honest, friendly and proactive

Owners should also proactively follow up with the appointed agent to keep tabs on the sale. If owners are selling a house they are still staying in, they must be ready to welcome interested buyers when they visit to inspect the property. The personal touch can help to sell the property faster, he continues. Owners should be friendly with their prospective buyers to ensure a good experience for both parties.

4. Enhance your home’s kerb appeal

It goes without saying that a nice kerb appeal can make a sale. There are several ways to achieve that, such as through renovations and landscaping. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to improve the attractiveness of a property is to repaint the property. A new coat of paint can achieve a lot with just a small amount of money. With that, the property looks brand new and feels comfortable. When interested buyers come, you should switch on all the lights and air-conditioners. It will enhance the ambience.

5. The devil is in the details

The first impression is very important as it can be nearly impossible to reverse. If the property is well maintained and decorated, it will give the impression that the owner is willing to take the effort in maintaining the property, so they worry less about hidden defects. Often overlooked is the cleanliness of toilets.


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