6 Reasons to Grow a Vertical Garden at Home

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A Vertical Garden


Because going green is possible even in small spaces

The concept of vertical gardening has become a growing trend in recent years because it offers greening solutions for homes where space is a challenge. "Vertical gardening is a method of growing that allows plants to extend upwards rather than just growing along the horizontal surface of a garden," explains Lionel Wong, managing director of Upgrown Farming Asia Pte Ltd.

"Vertical gardening represents a new dimension in greenery-related infrastructure, whereby plants are incorporated within vertical surfaces. It provides the opportunity to have greenery in homes without sacrificing space for other activities," adds Chang Li En, design manager at Greenology Pte Ltd.

We've listed down some of the reasons why you should start growing up greens in your home—stat!

1. A vertical garden can improve air quality. It's a challenge to get fresh air in the city all the time. At certain months, we even experience the hazards of haze indoors. While air purifiers filter and clean the air, they may not totally reduce the toxicity around you. Plants are proven to be a non-toxic (and more affordable!) way of filtering harmful chemicals present in indoor air. Now imagine a whole wall filled with natural air purifiers!

2. It's aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. A vertical garden can serve another purpose: as a focal decorative point of your home. You won't be needing expensive pieces to display when you already have a living wall of art.

3. A vertical garden can keep your house cool. We try to avoid the scorching heat by staying indoors. Plants are known to cool the temperature down so the more you grow at home, the more comfortable and cooler your house becomes.

4. It allows people living in small spaces to grow and maintain a garden. Queenie Lim of Green Fingers Landscaping Services notes: "Homes in Singapore are getting smaller and there aren't many spaces for plants so vertical gardening allows for plants to be incorporated in space-starved spaces."

5. It promotes family time. Passionate about gardening? Share that passion with the whole family and enjoy growing a garden together (it can also reduce stress levels!). Let gardening be an activity your young ones will enjoy doing.

6. It allows homeowners to grow their own fresh food at home. "The joy of growing your own herbs and then snipping them off and cooking them...it is a brand new experience that you have to experience yourself to find out what it's all about," says herb farming enthusiast Balan Gopal.


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